Discus Hand Launch or Side Arm Launch Gliders

There are much better pictures of this technique in the links farther along in this section. But the picture does show that old people are perfectly capable of launching a glider side arm without loosing said arm, loosening said arm, or having said arm fall off. In fact old, fat, people can launch just as high as Thor, the 25 year old Viking. So this technique levels the playing field on the first level, the launch.

The other part is finding a thermal and staying with it. You use your R/C control for this and it requires a lot of skill and many offerings to the God of Lift, Hung. It is however, a lot of fun if you like model airplane flying (as well as flying model airplanes)

There are several of us doing this now. If you are interested, keep an eye on this page, because I'll post new stuff and pictures as they come along.

Right now David Wertsh and I are building Mountain Model QuickFlick2. The cost is either $25 or $74 for the long kit. Mike Hamilton already has a couple and so does Mike Stubbs. Dave Hmiel will be returning from paradise and we will browbeat and belittle him until he gets one too. Chuck Weatherly, our fearless leader, also is in the mix.

We have two great places to fly. Hardman's is good for small field flying. There are several mini lift zones that can get you thermal. David has done this frequently. The other place is The Dallesport field (actually Klickitat Business Park which is .5 miles by 2 miles and has lots of lift because it is scab land with light and dark patches absorbing and releasing heat. I have lost two free flight models there already. (Can you say dethermalizer?)


Here is an excellent video of the discus launch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ8yGYmrcMg&feature=related  It is in slow motion so you can see exactly how it is done. Notice at the end of the launch he does not throw the glider up, but out at a slight angle. The model will climb on its own. This is a critical part of the launch.

DHL  and Catapult Glider Links

Here is an excellent article on getting the CG right. http://www.charlesriverrc.org/articles/supergee/CGMarkDrela.htm. This would apply to any kind of glider, but is essential for setting up a Discus Launch Glider.